How to Decide If Your Kitchen Cabinets Need a Facelift

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When you’ve lived in a home long enough, you’ll notice things starting to fade in quality. You can either let them decline until they’re no longer usable or be proactive to keep the different furniture and fixtures in your home at top quality. One of these fixtures in your home that you’ll want to stay proactive with is your kitchen cabinetry.

How to Decide If Your Kitchen Cabinets Need a Facelift

Here are a few ways you can decide if your kitchen cabinets need a facelift:

  • Damaged or peeling paint: Peeling paint in any part of the home can easily downgrade the appearance of the room. The same goes for when you have peeling paint on your kitchen cabinets. If you notice any aesthetic damage or peeling paint on your cabinets, it may be a good time to consider refinishing or repainting your cabinets.
  • Outdated appearance: Sometimes, your kitchen cabinets might be sturdy enough to last a lifetime, but their appearance is highly outdated with rickety handles and a finish that makes your kitchen look like an old 50’s diner. If your cabinets are particularly outdated but not yet damaged, it still might be worth considering giving your cabinets that necessary facelift to update the rest of your kitchen’s appearance.
  • Minor water damage: Another time to consider updating your kitchen cabinets is when you notice any visible water damage. Some water damage requires replacing the entire cabinetry or parts of your cabinetry, but when you catch the damage early enough, you can often remedy it with a simple refinishing.

Whether you’ve noticed any of these signs in your kitchen cabinets or simply decided that you want to have your cabinets refinished anyway, you can count on us at Carolina Home Fine Finishes for the job. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.