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You should refinish your bathroom cabinetry if the materials are still in good condition.

Bathroom cabinetry balances function with visual appeal. Since it’s the largest visual element in the space, it tends to draw the eye and influence the overall appearance of the room. In some cases, when the cabinets are beautiful and well-maintained, that’s a good thing. But in most cases, cabinetry looks a little worse for the wear, whether due to minor scuffs and scratches, stains, or discoloration.

Bathroom Cabinetry in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our team at Carolina Home Fine Finishes can help with bathroom cabinetry, as we specialize in refinishing. This process involves removing the existing facings and doors and coating them with a specialized product. For years, we’ve used different options and ultimately determined that this one is the best. It adheres to the materials, providing enhanced protection against cosmetic damage. If you want to update the color, we can repaint the bathroom cabinetry as part of the process as well. You’ll be amazed at what a different this cost-effective upgrade makes in the look of the room.

Refinishing your bathroom cabinetry is a good option if the materials are still in good condition, aside from some minor visual damage. Our knowledgeable team members can assess the cabinets to determine whether our process would be able to breathe new life into them. We can also perform this task on the cabinetry located in other rooms of your Charlotte, North Carolina home.

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